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About Stephen Scott

Team Build Pro was conceived and developed by Stephen Scott, a proven expert with over 20 years of helping people reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

Drawing on his proven success in Network Marketing and developing Internet start-up companies, in 2009 Stephen developed and launched The Team Building Project (TBP)", new and innovative website designed to create a global community of network marketing professionals that understood and appreciated the value of working together and supporting each other, regardless of business opportunity they were pursuing.

Since its official launch, the TBP system attracted over 50,000 network marketers representing 150 countries.

Team Build Pro represents an improved improved version of the TBP system and more important, it's now available to you!

Team Build Pro significantly improves your chances of achieving both short and long-term success with your current business opportunity.

Stephen has also written two best selling books to assist network marketers with their business and personal development.

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